Illustration of Frankenstein and a ghost

Answer: Her boo

This is an alternate version of the Frankenstein's Ghoul Friend pun. We thought of this one while watching Turbo Fast on Netflix. The female snail Burn always calls Turbo's brother Chet her "boo".

Explanation for the kids (and bad puns)

The original term "beau" comes from the French word for beautiful. It was later used as a term for a boyfriend or male admirer. The pronunciation later morphed into sounding like "Boo", something a ghost would say.


Illustration of pumpkin patch pun

How did the mummy fix the hole in her bandages?

This is the first of many Halloween and pumpkin related puns to Fall this season...

September 27, 2014
Illustration of pumpkin with a carved pi symbol

What do you get if you divide a pumpkin's circumference by its diameter?

It's October already and you know what that means...

October 4, 2014
Illustration of mummy dressed like a rapper

What kind of music do mummies listen to?

My son loves to learn about ancient Egypt, so he has been asking for another mummy pun...

October 4, 2014
Illustration of a pink ghost

Where do ghosts buy clothes?

Our son has been playing Pac-Man on his iPad recently...

October 18, 2014
Illustration of Frankenstein's monster

How did Frankenstein lose his job?

Whenever I hear the name Frankenstein, the first thing I think of is 'fire bad!'...

October 18, 2014