Illustration of flat plain of yellow grass

Answer: plain

They must be teaching earth science in first grade now, because my son came up with this pun at lunch the other day. While he did originally say "least tasty" landform instead of boring, I told him to save that for another pun.

Explanation for the kids (and bad puns)

Plain can mean either "bland or boring" or it can refer to a "large area of flat land". In this pun, it happens to be both. A flat plain is actually boring compared to steep mountains or canyons.

When I asked my son what his favorite was, he said "plateau". Luckily his interest in science hasn't plateaued. Ba dum tss...


Illustration of palm tree with a face

What do you get when you try to cross a person and a tree?

I thought of this pun when I went to see Guardians of the Galaxy with my son...

October 7, 2014