Illustration of red and white circus tent

It was in tents

Switching tents puns here, we move on to the circus. We took our kids to their first circus this year, but they got actually got bored and we had to leave half way through. Cirque du Soleil also happens to be here this month, but not sure we want to spend a few hundred dollars if the little ones aren't ready yet.

Explanation for the kids (and bad puns)

The main attraction at the circus is usually the "big top" tent. So odds are that many of the amazing or intense things happen "in tents"


Illustration of two tents pun

Scared to go camping?

Not sure if our kids are old enough to go camping...

October 2, 2014
Illustration of camping in tents pun

Why is camping so hard?

To continue with the camping theme...

October 2, 2014
Illustration of nine tents

What happened at the police campout and picnic?

Sorry, but I'm on a roll here with the camping puns...

October 2, 2014
Illustration of tent and porpoise

Did you hear about the exclusive beach party?

As a nice segue from tent to animal puns, this post features one pun from each...

October 2, 2014
Illustration of teepee

What are teepees?

A fun project for the kids is to build their own teepee...

October 4, 2014