Illustration of nine tents

In tent is nine tents of the law

Sorry, but I'm on a roll here with the camping puns. I was tempted to do nine tenths and show 9 out of 10 tents with a light on, but nine tents fit better on the page.

Explanation for the kids (and bad puns)

A common phrase used to talk about rules and law is "intent is nine tenths of the law". In this case we actually have two puns. We've replaced "intent" with "in tent", and nine tenths with "nine tents".

Intent describes the purpose or thinking behind someone's actions. If a person is arrested by the police for taking someone else's bag or purse, it makes a big difference whether they took the wrong bag by mistake or were purposely trying to steal something. The nine tenths means that most (90%) of making a judgement against someone should be based on why they did it.


Illustration of two tents pun

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October 2, 2014
Illustration of camping in tents pun

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Illustration of red and white circus tent

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Illustration of tent and porpoise

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Illustration of teepee

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