Illustration of porpoise

Answer: He found his porpoise

Enjoying what you do and making a difference are a great combination if you can find them in a career. In the field of science, marine biology is one that comes to mind for those in love with the water or its animals. Too bad for them it's also an easy target for puns.

Explanation for the kids (and bad puns)

"Finding your purpose" is an aspiration for both life and work. Besides sounding like the animal porpoise, the word "purpose" means "the reason for which something exists". No one wants to spend their days on meaningless chores, so people want to find things that they feel like they were meant to do. For certain marine biologists studying mammals, finding a porpoise may actually be exactly what they want.


Illustration of tent and porpoise

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Illustration of porpoise

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Illustration of multiple porpoises

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Illustration of porpoise

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