Illustration of a quarter and a penny

Answer: You don't make much cents

My son learned this pun at school recently and I assumed one of the teachers told it to him while they were doing math with coins. It actually ended up being one of his classmates that told him this pun. They were waiting in line to buy their lunch and the cashier asked them if they knew any good jokes. Not only does this six year old get points for knowing a good pun, but he also gets extra credit for using it in the right context.

Explanation for the kids (and bad puns)

Something that "makes sense" is reasonable or sounds correct. Saying that someone doesn't make sense means they are confused or wrong. Saying it could sometimes be rude and considered an insult.

Making "cents" sounds similar to "sense", but instead refers to making change or "exchanging a larger bill or coin for many smaller ones". In this case, a quarter could be traded for 25 cents, where a penny is only 1 cent. This too could be rude because the quarter is pointing out the penny is worth so little.


Illustration of a Lincoln penny

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