Illustration of a Lincoln penny

Answer: He is in a cent

Pardon the pun, but there are many reasons why 'Honest Abe' would never go to jail. Besides being considered one of the greatest presidents and fighting for others' civil rights, Abraham Lincoln got his nickname from early stories of his integrity and honesty. When he worked as a shop clerk as a boy, if Lincoln ever discovered he had short changed a customer by even a penny, he would close the shop and travel long distances to right the wrong.

Explanation for the kids (and bad puns)

Besides sounding like "in a cent", the word "innocent" can mean not guilty of doing anything wrong. For our 16th president, that certainly makes sense.

An alternate version of this pun is worded "Which president was the least guilty?". As politicians are not usually known for their honesty, that also makes Lincoln a very unique president.


Illustration of a quarter and a penny

What did the quarter say to the penny?

My son learned this pun at school recently...

October 21, 2014
Illustration of Lincoln pennies falling like rain pun

Why was it raining pennies?

This pun is dedicated to the crazy October weather...

October 21, 2014